UNREASONABLE EAST 200 & 100 MILER: 20th - 25th AUGUST 2024

The final chapter for the year of the trilogy of 100 & 200 Milers on the Australian calendar all comes down to this. The Unreasonable East in Far North Queensland. A masterpiece of a connection of trails full of the most incredible and every changing scenery and terrain under foot.

A stunning course that tackles beaches, mountains, wildlife, flora, eucalyptus forests, rain forests, creeks, rivers, waterfalls, and all the best scenery on the trails between Port Douglas, Kuranda around Cairns and up through the trails to the tablelands and then again mountains and more trails of Herbeton before finishing in Atherton.

The Unreasonable EAST 100 & 200 miler is the sister event to the Delirious West in the Great Southern Region of Western Australia and Irrational South in the Flinders Ranges South Australia, and together the three events combine to become the TripleCrownunder of 200 Milers. The TripleCrownunder is the completion of all three 200 Milers, over a 3 year period. That’s 600 miles in total! For those equally as adventurous but are after something a little more bite sized, why not take on the Aussie Thrillogy, which is the not to be sneezed at 100 miler at all 3 events.

And for those even crazier, why not look at the GRAND MASTER. That’s completing all three 100 or 200 milers within the same calendar year (a 6 month period)!!!


Are you ready for a life changing adventure? An adventure that will strip you bare, show you just how bloody amazing you really are, and push you to all new heights and boundaries. If this is for you, then so is this button just below.


Volunteering for this event is undeniably a bloody big adventure in itself. But the event would be nothing without such an amazing collection of volunteers. Roles vary, as do locations and times, but the rewards of helping runners achieve what most would deem unachievable, is so rewarding for all involved, and YOU can be responsible for this. Whether you can help out for a couple of days or the whole week of days, register to volunteer here.